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 Hi there! 
I'm sorry I've been so absent lately, it's been busy...I went to Berlin on trip for my work & only 1 day later I went to Brussels with my friends to celebrate my Bday! (no worries, my bday was a while ago, this was the credit ;) 
I've blogged about Berlin before (see here), I love that city! It was a really quick visit but we stayed in the Michel Berger Hotel. THE PLACE TO BE! Wow, that hotel just amazed me, the rooms are awesome, the graphics everywhere are so nice & the vibe is the best! When you visit Berlin, make sure to have a drink, lunch or stay there! 

Brussels (from pic #5 to the last) was a sunny stay in a B&B we found at AirBnB, and we loved it! We were in the middle of a cool african neighborhood, full with restaurants, stores & nice people! We shopped till we dropped & had lovely dinners. The last day we went to the fleamarket at Jeu de Balle & also had a nice breakfast there.

Here's a quick list per city of the hotspots to visit: 

* Michel Berger Hotel - pic 1,2,4 (Gotta visit the place :)
* Long March Canteen (Asain sharing dinner)
(Super cool high-end fashion store in Prenzlauerberg)

* Pax (One of the cool stores in the neighborhood we stayed)
* Maison Renardy pic #7 (Great to have a Brussels classy breakfast)
* Le Clan pic #8 (Lovely Belgian dinners)
* Jeu de Balle pic 13,14,15 (daily fleamarket, nice breakfast in the sun around the market)

So, now you're updated! Within 2 days I will be out of blogging again for two weeks! Oooh :(...but if you'd like to stay up to date you can follow me on instragram here. Hope to see you there, have a great weekend! X, Melk

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