MT Masking Tape Coolness

There are so many things to do & DIY with Masking Tape!! It's endless! Here are a few new inspiration pics I found via Pinterest. 
I just love MT Masking Tape, for gifts, a [dinner] party or interior styling! Enjoy it here. X, Melk 

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premier regart zei

Hi !

We talked about your shop Melkstore ! You can see the post on our blog ! We love all masking tapes you sell and the wonderful ideas that you share on your blog !

See you ! =)

Melanie Krul zei

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your post! As I wrote on your blog, I really like your blog!! I'll be posting new MT Masking Tape ideas every now & then, for the complete inspiration collection you can check the Melkstore Facebook page or my Pinterest.
Thanks for your post & visiting my blog!

Lovely regards, Melanie

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