Snapshots of the Nachtbazaar!

Last night me & my friends went to a cute market during the night, called 'Nachtbazaar'. It was in Club Trouw, so the party was just getting started with the Nachtbazaar! It was really cool to see all the fun initiatives have their own stall with goodies! Among them was Jutka & Riska, Why, Beter&Leuk, ThingsILikeThingsILove, Stoffig&Blik. But best of all....we drunk the best drink everrr, "Rhubarbcello" with a light in the glass -> LOVE! Just google the recipe & DIY it 'cause it was the best! And after all, Melkstore was breakin' it D-O-W-N on the dance floor, with many thanks to my girl Emma!! X, Melk

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