DIY Your Home: Ready to Shine

It's official, it's spring! Since we've been waiting for the sun ever since autumn hit, it's time to clean up the mess and DIY it all into a happy shiny summer house!

1. DARE! Paint a cool graphic on something big like your door
2.Happy Desk! Add some colour by making an pin-up board with your thoughts in different colours. You can even make every coloured envelope stand for a catorgy :)
3. Eat! Decorate your intire table in happy colours [neon vs pastel is the big thing this season] and add some spring-ish flowers
4. Shine! Even though you barely need the lights, make them eye catchers by making an colour pallet between the several cords
5. Paint! Having an object in your house and not knowing what to do with it? Spice it up by painting it in a happy bright colour!
6. Travel! Never forget the amazing times you had while travelling, collect all your special & original souvenirs & put them in a pot! That way no good times will be forgotten!

Enjoy Spring! X, Melk

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It's amazing...
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