Citytrip: My Barcelona Loves

And we're back!! Yes, after a week of being like everywhere around europe to travel for my joy & work, I'm back in Amsterdam!
I loved the city of Barcelona and the weather makes everything like 300% better. There's too much to love but here are the thing I wouldn't want you to miss:

# 1 Love the Tapas : Bilbao Berria 
[Modern atmosphere, good food & cheap!]

# 2&3 Love the Street Shop : La Clinque
[the best reward of taking a small street every now and then, they open a webstore soon - got the suede yellow puma's :) ]

# 4&5 Love the Vibe : Lillipep
[Nice tea, cakes, people & food!]

# 6 Love the Cool Shop : Studiostore
[Crazy, all sorts of fun stuff & Clothing]

# 7-9 Love the Cupcake : Lolita's Cupcake
[Best ever, sweet vibe & interior, it's all love!]

# 10 Love the Walk : From Sagrada Familia to Park Guell
[You'll pass so many beautiful little streets, street art, locals & original spanish cafeteria's]

# 11 Love the Market : La Boqueria
[Fresh, nice smooties & locals!]

Whenever you can, go Barcelona! It was like a really, really good dream to me.. PS. Photo's by me & NoPunIntendedWorld. X, Melk

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