Citytrip! -> Cold 'n Cool Copenhagen

Cool instore styling at Jack&Jones 
[much cooler in Copenhagen than here!!]
Beautiful colours & prints by Peter Pilotto
 The Musthave for men -> the loose-fit beanie!
 "The Scandinavian Look" -> 
Loose fit knitted beanie & rough knitted socks with pants in it! 
 Beautiful colours for chino's [men]
 Cool instore styling at Samsoe & Samsoe
 The Colour for all women -> PINK!
 Back home with a beautiful sky! 
The next day this beauty would cause a lot of snow!!
Last week me & my colleagues visited Copenhagen. To be inspired for new collections, but also for the CPH Vision. A fair every 6 months which I really like, because of the no-nonsense vibe, everybody is so friendly! Fashion in Scandinavia is always different from every city elsewhere. It's clean & modern but detailed, it's quality but affordable, it's special but never over the top...Just thinking about it makes me want to go back NOW! Guess I'll see you in 6 months Copenhagen! X, Melk

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