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 One Xtra note: L-O-V-E the teapot!!

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Anoniem zei

where can I find that beautiful teapot?

MELK zei

Hi there!

It's a vintage teapot. It's beautiful right? I'm affraid it's a unique piece...I'm sorry!!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!
X, Melk

Anoniem zei

Lovely blog, btw :)

I was very curious about the teapot...I think it may be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen...more like a masterpiece :) I figured that it has to be vintage, but I thought that maybe you could give me more details about it. Is it a Moroccan piece? Indian, maybe? Where did you find the photo?


MELK zei

Thank you! But I'm sure the teapot finds it's roots in India or asia, because of the animals shown. The loins head , snakes & the monkey on top, in combination with the colour-use make that sound really reasonable. It's also probably quite old, you can see the silver/metal is damaged and sort of rusted....

I've found it a long time ago somewhere on a blog via fffound, but since they've got no searching it will be really hard to find this picture....I've tried...without succes.

I do really hope I've helped you a little bit & too see you soon on my blog! Thanks a lot!

X, Melk

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