Fabolous Book

The other day I bought this book, OFF PISTE - In the land of Kustaa Saksi.
I must say this artist is really original and full of energy. Kustaa Saksi is not just an arist, he's big and has worked with many big peeps.

"Kustaa has already realized designs, patterns and visuals for designer labels including Issey Miyake's A-POC, Comme des Garcons, Levi's, Diesel and Lacoste. Magazines such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Playboy, Flaunt and Wallpaper have had many a page decorated with is wonderful work. Clients like Mercedes-Benz, Citro├źn and Toyota have used his designs in their campaigns. 

He also has a passion for the music industry, as his collaborative work with Catskills Records (UK) goes to show. Saksi has recently been commissioned by superstar Jennifer Lopez, for her clothing label justsweet. He was also responsible for conceptualizing and creating a graphic installation for Jennifer Lopez's fashion show at New York Fashion week together with Paris based architect Alexandre de Betak. MTV are also fans of the illustrator: Kustaa designed the logo for the MTV Music Award Show in Rome."

One to follow, one to love! Kustaa Saski

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