In a Few Minutesss

Cassette Playa (Carri Mundane)and Nike have been close ever since her S/S07 L.S.I. Show, in which a pair of Cassette Playa Air Maxes were seen.
So following they created the CP X Nike Blazer, at first specailly for her S/S08 Future Primitive show. The CP X Nike Blazer comes is "Fossilized in crystel, it's vormied up in a volcanic eruption from the centre of the earth and begins to emit a weird and toxic virus" according to Carri. 
The limited CP X Nike Blazers (85pounds)will be on sale o friday the 12/12/08 between 6&11pm (today) at 1948 Arches Nike Concept Store.
From monday 14/12/08 they will be sold limited at Dover Street Market as well.
Addiyional top Nike accounts worldwide should expect a release soon.

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